NOTE: If this is your first time visiting, please print and bring this waiver with you to your lesson or instinct test!

"Every dog with herding instinct and every owner with the drive to learn has the ability to achieve herding success. Through guidance and training I develop your confidence and teach you the skills needed for you and your dog to become a great team."

​--Robin Elliott

We are a working ranch located in Camarillo, California! We take ranching seriously. From the the free-range, grass-fed lamb to the healthiest livestock herding dogs, On The Lamb puts the animal first to ensure quality of life as well as quality of product. 

We have a wide array of critters to keep us company including sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, horses and pups. 

​On the Lamb Ranch specializes in sheep production. If you would like to purchase lamb meat or live sheep, we'd love to hear from you!! Head on over to our Sheep Sales page!!

We offer livestock management training and herding lessons for those who are interested in learning how to manage livestock using herding dogs. If you think your dog may have what it takes, book a test or lesson today!!


Welcome to On the Lamb Ranch!!

Photo by Candy Lidstrom

​Photo by Candy Lidstrom